Boiron vs Blogzero (English page)

Final update: Boiron CEO has written me an email, they will NOT proceed with legal action!!! (post: The End)

Hi all!
As you can see, the whole blog is written in Italian…

Why Boiron was threatening me? What was my big mistake?
I’ve written something about their (in)famous Oscillococcinum and the Korsakovian process, being a little bit ironic and using one “Oscillococcinum” image… if you want to know some more details about it, here you can find a very exhaustive English post: Guy’s Chapman Blahg talks about Homeopathy.

Another suggestion: the famous Darryl Cunningham strip about homeopathy.

Are you French? This is a great article: pseudo-sciences on homeopathy

More info about the affair? You can read these good articles in English and German (thanks to

You can read my two post here (in Italian…): first, second (google translation is awful as usual…).
A German version is available here: post1 and post2 (thanks to Die Ausrufer).

Anyway, if you know what homeopathy is, who is Avogadro and what is the Korsakovian process to get the Oscillo… you can simply skip them, there’s nothing new!
(I’ve removed Boiron name and Oscillo picture from both articles, but all info about homeopathy are still the same as before)

Do you want to see the Boiron warning letter?
It’s in Italian, but here it is: page one, page two: they “order” my provider to delete my posts and to block the access to the website (!!!).
Fabio Turone English translation is here.

These are the websites that reported the story (with a backlink to this site), boosting the “Streisand Effect“.
I’ve missed your site? Please let me know using “contatti” (contacts form) on top of this page.

25 days after the warning letter, Boiron has finally sent me an email closing the “affair”, they will not proceed with legal action!
Silvia Nencioni (Boiron Italy CEO) email is posted here.
Valérie Poinsot (Boiron France CEO) interview is here

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p.s. it’s completely out of topic, but I want to say SORRY to the world for our Prime Minister Berlusconi.
We are doing our best to chase him away!